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WCDA joins Greene and Lenoir Counties to form NCGTPEDR

The NC Global TransPark Economic Development Region was established to create a regional approach to economic development bringing entities in partnership to attract and retain business in eastern NC.  The TransPark has preferred sites for aviation enterprises, logistics, and military contractors.  Regional strategies to market the Global TransPark embrace innovation and pave avenues for job creation.  The NC Global TransPark Economic Development Region will aggressively market the region promoting assets, people, quality of life and military bases to showcase eastern NC as a destination for high-quality economic investors.  The team will create an annual strategic market plan that delineates the specifics of the work and a timeline to accomplish the following goals: 
Lead Generation and Client Development – will collaborate with its members, partners and allies to gather qualified leads and establish client contact with target industries. 
Project Management and Technical Assistance – will assist clients and consultants and encourage them to select the region for expansion or relocation. 
Involvement of Public Partners – will engage its public/private partners in the region, including municipalities, universities, community colleges and local or regional school systems to further economic development objectives. 
Market Intelligence – The NC Global TransPark Economic Development Region utilize credible research and economic data upon which to base its global marketing strategies, outreach tools and recruitment programs. 
The NC Global TransPark Economic Development Region provides economic development services through contractual relationships with Greene, Lenoir, and Wayne Counties.
   - Mark Pope, Senior Vice President, NC Global Transpark Economic Development Region