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Industry Spotlight
AAR Corp. AAR Corp. is a leading global supplier to the commercial aviation and government and defense industries.  Our plant in Goldsboro  houses both Mobility and Cargo divisions. Learn More
Available Site Spotlight
AP Exhaust Building 300 Dixie Trail
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Buildings: 1
Floors: 1
Square Footage: 20,400
Lease Price: $7.75/ sq.ft.

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Why Wayne Works
Wayco Ham Co. Listen as George Worrell of Wayco Hams discusses the company's' rich history in Wayne County and why the economic landscape here has helped Wayco grow steadily since it's founding in 1946.
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State-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Rapidly expanding transportation and logistics sectors. High-volume food production facilities. State-renowned workforce training.  No need to search elsewhere; we’ve got it all right here in Wayne County, North Carolina. At the Wayne County Development Alliance we’re seeking companies that are looking for a new place to thrive.   Your company’s next success story is here, with sites available that span the needs of any industry along with an infrastructure that’s conducive to rapid transportation and streamlined logistics. Our collaborative approach let’s you work directly with key leaders in our area to establish mutually beneficial solutions for your company and our communities. Pair that with one of the best trained workforces in the country and a lifestyle steeped in Southern hospitality and you’ve got potential that has no limit. Come pay our county a visit or just give us a call and let us share the successes that so many of our existing industries enjoy.  We think you’ll be glad you did.